50 most heartbreaking Game of Thrones deaths

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10. Viserion – Season 7 “Beyond the Wall”

We know that dragons are not indestructible since they had all been executed before the series started. But, I never thought we would see one of Dany’s dragons die before the last season. My heart dropped when the Night King not only killed Viserion but then brought him back to “life.” Luckily Team Jon/Dany has two dragons, but my heart broke when Dany lost him.

9. Rickon Stark – Season 6 “Battle of the Bastards”

The Youngest Stark child grew up quite a bit throughout the series, but not in front of our eyes, since he was mostly in hiding. This Game of Thrones death was excruciating to watch because just as Ramsay played his sadistic games with his head, he played with ours, too. All he had to do was run to Jon across the battlefield as Ramsay shot arrows high into the air. But when the arrow pierced his chest through his back, it pierced our hearts. Maybe try running zigzag next time, Rickon.

8. Ygritte – Season 4 “Watchers on the Wall”

We all cried when Ygritte died. She was the wildling who Jon fell in love with and broke his vows for. She also famously declared, “You know nothing, Jon Snow.” During the Battle of Castle Black, she killed many of the Night’s Watch, including Jon’s friend Pyp. But just as Jon made eye contact with her, that stupid Olly kid shot her with an arrow. It was one of the saddest scenes of the show. I think Jon’s over it now since he eventually got his revenge on Olly and now he has Dany and all. Plus, the real-life Jon and Ygritte are married now.

7. Jon Snow – Season 5 “Mother’s Mercy”

Do you remember how you felt when you watched the Night’s Watch members stab Jon, the then Lord Commander, in the stomach? “For the watch,” they each said. For those who didn’t read the novels that the show is based on, it was like a punch in the gut. We should have known by then that the good guys die on Game of Thrones, but it still didn’t make the death any less shocking. Another “Stark” dead, leaving all of us to wonder, what is this show’s endgame? Who will be the hero? The only reason this Game of Thrones death isn’t further up on the list is that Jon was only dead for a few episodes (and an entire calendar year) before the Red Woman brought him back from the dead.

6. Oberyn Martell – Season 4 “The Mountain and the Viper”

Oberyn quickly became a fan favorite during his stint on the show. He liked to party, he was modern, and he hated the Lannisters, which we were all here for. So, when he volunteered to fight on behalf of Tyrion in a trial by combat against the Mountain, we all got nervous for him. They had a history. The Mountain killed his sister and Oberyn wanted revenge. Maybe it would be a David versus Goliath situation, and Oberyn would win!

Just when it looked like he would win, his cockiness got the best of him. A barely alive Mountain killed Oberyn by squashing his head with his bare hands. Ellaria’s blood-curdling scream sang in unison with the rest of us. Not only was the fun character of Oberyn gone, but Tyrion could have been gone, too. Thank god he escaped his fate.