50 most heartbreaking Game of Thrones deaths

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3. Ned Stark – Season 1 “Baelor”

Ned Stark was the Warden of the North and the Hand of the King. He was instrumental in Robert’s Rebellion, and Robert trusted him. But once Robert died, and Ned found out the truth about Cersei and her children, there was no one there to protect him.

Even though I knew Ned was in trouble, I never dreamed he’d be killed off. He’s the lead character! He’s the good guy! The King is marrying his daughter! But that doesn’t matter on Game of Thrones. Ned Stark lost his head anyway.

This was the Game of Thrones death that changed not only the trajectory of the show but also the standard for T.V. dramas. This is the moment the audience knew that Game of Thrones was not messing around and they aren’t afraid to kill off anyone. No one was safe. Don’t get attached to anyone. Because if you do, he or she is probably toast.


2. Hodor – Season 6 “The Door”

Hodor worked for the Starks at Winterfell in the stables. Mentally disabled, he only spoke the word “Hodor,” hence his name. His background was a mystery. He escaped with Bran from Theon and traveled beyond the wall with him, Meera, and Jojen to find the Three-eyed Raven.

His Game of Thrones death was sad for many different reasons. It was unexpected. He was killed by wights while protecting Bran and Meera as they tried to escape them. But what makes it truly heartbreaking is that as Hodor died, we simultaneously find out how he got his name.

His mental disability resulted from Bran time traveling back to when his father and Hodor were boys at Winterfell. In the present, Meera pulled an immobile Bran away and screamed “hold the door” back at him. In the past, young Hodor collapses, convulses, and screams “hold the door” over and over again, until it morphs into “hodor.”

I cry every time I watch it, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.