Hard Knocks season 13, episode 1 recap: Cleveland Browns

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Baker Mayfield contract signing

John Dorsey also said that any holdouts this summer will be detrimental to the Cleveland Browns and need to be avoided at all costs.

John Dorsey went out and started greeting people and then jokingly asked Baker Mayfield who he was. They shook hands and Baker called him “Mr. Dorsey” out of respect before they headed into the Paul Brown Conference Room.

They showed Baker Mayfield his contract and explained to him everything in the contract. They also showed him how his contract could be nullified in case he did something wrong or dangerous (Baker noticed that one of the things was skydiving, which he said was nothing to worry about). They also included racing, rock climbing and more – and only affect shin if he gets hurt doing it.

Baker Mayfield then signed the contract – joking that he might be able to pay for his college tuition now.

The RV

Anyone following the news of the Cleveland Browns training camp knows all about the RV that Baker Mayfield brought to camp for the quarterbacks to rest in between practices.

This was something he was asked to provide for the team as a rookie. Mayfield said that most teams make rookies pay for dinners, but he had to get an RV for training camp.

They then showed the team getting asked questions about the RV and then Baker was shown the RV and how to take care of it – specifically focusing on the bathroom.

In a meeting, Hue Jackson tells Baker Mayfield he is up and calls him to the front of the room. Baker has no idea what is going on. He introduces himself and has to tell everyone how much his signing bonus was ($7.7 million) and what his school was (Oklahoma). They ask him to sing a song, and he chooses “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver.

To the RV, fourth-string rookie quarterback Brogan Roback is in the RV and he said that people were teasing him, but he is a quarterback too. He said that he reloads the fridge every night and lays out the snacks, and if he messes up he is in trouble. He thought snacks meant Pop Tarts and Oreos but that he was told to get only healthy snacks.

Drew Stanton is giving Roback a hard time for his presentation and that they hold him to high expectations.