Hard Knocks season 13, episode 1 recap: Cleveland Browns

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JACKSONVILLE, FL – JANUARY 07: Quarterback Tyrod Taylor #5 of the Buffalo Bills throws a first quarter pass against the Jacksonville Jaguars during the AFC Wild Card Playoff game at EverBank Field on January 7, 2018 in Jacksonville, Florida. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Ain’t No Stopping Us Now

Up next is a team meeting with Hue Jackson telling his team that he will take care of them, but they have to earn their spots. More than that, they have to earn their stripes. We see someone peeling off the stripes from the helmets and then said that no one will get the stripes back on their helmet until they prove themselves and make the roster.

Hue Jackson: “Think championship – why not the Cleveland Browns. If you want to change the narrative of the Cleveland Browns, you have the chance to do so starting now.”

Heading out to the practice field, one player says the important people are behind him and a photographer says that everyone is important. Then, we see the Cleveland Browns backup quarterback walk out with fans cheering his name – Heisman Trophy winner Baker Mayfield.

The narrator reminds everyone that Mayfield was a walk-on at Texas Tech and at Oklahoma before winning the starting jobs at both locations. Mayfield said that he will never be complacent with being a backup because that is when a person fails.

Jackson gets very excited watching Mayfield play and calls him the future of the franchise. However, when interviewed, Jackson also said that Tyrod Taylor has demonstrated all offseason that he deserves to be a starter. We see both Mayfield and Taylor practicing, and wide receiver Jarvis Landry had compliments for Taylor’s work ethic.

Hue Jackson asks Baker Mayfield when he comes in and he said two hours early. Jackson said that Tyrod Taylor comes in at five in the morning and if he wants to compete with Taylor for the starting job, he needs to put in that extra work.