Hard Knocks season 13, episode 1 recap: Cleveland Browns

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Aug 18, 2016; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson during the second half at FirstEnergy Stadium, the Atlanta Falcons defeated the Cleveland Browns 24-13. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Hue Jackson’s loss

Remember that footage at the start where Hue Jackson learned his mother was struggling in health?

Hue Jackson lost his brother before training camp and we now learn that his mother also passed away two weeks later. The cameras show him thanking his sister Kimberly for everything she did to help their mother in her final days. He said that they are the only two left now and Kimberly said their mom taught them to be strong.

John Dorsey came in during a team meeting and asked how Jackson was doing and said they would talk. It was then that he told the coaches that his mom died that morning – meaning they were hard at work without knowing that their coach had suffered such a tough loss.

After a quick comment about it, Jackson was back at work.

Offensive line coach Bob Wylie was talking to the linemen and said that he wanted to send an arrangement to the services for coach’s mom and the linemen were all for it.

Josh Gordon also sent a text message to Hue Jackson and sent his condolences, thanked him for sticking with him, and said, “I will see you soon.”

Jackson stayed with the team until his mother’s funeral. When visited by administrators they had a big group hug to let Jackson know that they are there for him. John Dorsey said they will help him get through this in a very emotional moment. As Dorsey said, Jackson needs to let it out and not keep it all bottled up inside.

Jackson said that he has to keep it all together and one hour later he was back on the field again leading the practice.