Stars of Netflix’s Insatiable want viewers to give series a chance


Netflix’s Insatiable is just a couple days away from its premiere but is already the center of controversy due to its story.

Insatiable is the story of an overweight girl who seeks revenge on those who bullied her. She returns after a year having lost weight and is now ready to take on the people who looked down upon her when she looked different.

Due to the nature of the story and the scenes shown in the trailer, the series has been the target of a lot of controversy in regards to body/fat shaming. The series showrunner has since then clarified the story is based on her personal experiences as a girl and the intention was not to discuss fat shaming.

Stars of the series, Alyssa Milano and Debby Ryan, spoke about the controversy on Good Morning America and responded to some of the harsh criticisms the series has received ahead of its premiere. Milano went as far as to say that she understands and acknowledges the trailer offended and hurt people but also pleads viewers to understand that the take on the series is a satirical one.

"“Look at the show as a satirical look at what could happen if you are fat-shamed, if you are bullied — and I really think that it’s about appearances and what happens within our interactions with appearances.”"

Ryan’s character, known as “Fatty Patty” in the series, goes undergoes a drastic transformation after being made fun of for her weight and having her jaw shut tight. When she makes her grand return, she is instantly popular and on top of the world. But she has other intentions–seek revenge on anyone and everyone that ever dared to make fun of her.

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The controversy surrounding the series reached a point where many have been advocating it be canceled before its August 10th premiere, and a petition on has been circulated in an attempt to do so. Ryan, the star of the series, hopes viewers will give the series a chance before passing their judgment and at least give it a chance.

It seems that the cast of the series is proud of their work and the message they are hoping to send to the people that watch Insatiable. They feel that the topic is an important one to discuss and should not be ignored or swept under the rug. It will surely be a topic of conversation, and in doing so they hope that it will open the minds of many, rather than be a series that people refuse to take something away from.

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The backlash has been tough on the cast and crew of the series, but they hope that the 12-hour first season speaks louder than the 1-minute trailer that has caused many to speak out in anger.

Insatiable premieres on Netflix on August 10th!