Rick and Morty: 11 things we’d like to see in new episodes

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2. Rick’s Past and Original Dimension

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With infinite dimensions with infinite variations, it is sometimes confusing which Rick and Morty we are watching.

The main characters are living in dimension C-137, but there are fan theories that we are sometimes watching the exploits of other Ricks and Mortys, which leads to a lot of mystery involving our Rick’s original dimension and inconsistencies in his story.

Beth claims that Rick had been missing from her life for 20 years, which would mean that Rick would never have seen Morty as a baby – and yet he has memories and photos of baby Morty.

Our Morty is likely not Rick’s original Morty — especially since he seems to be so nonchalant about skipping from one dimension to another – and Beth is definitely not Rick’s original daughter, just as she is not Morty’s original mother.

But where is Rick from and what happened to Rick’s original Morty?

3. Rick, Destroyer of Worlds

On that note, just how many worlds has Rick left in ruins?

He and Morty left behind a hopelessly mutated world of violence and chaos of Rick’s own making, casually taking the places of a recently deceased Rick and Morty in a parallel dimension.

Rick’s nonchalance in the face of such a monumental decision could speak to his objectivity as a scientist, but likely stems from personal experience.

Just where is Rick’s original dimension? Why did he leave it and is it still intact? How many dimensions has he lived in and left behind just as casually?