Rick and Morty: 11 things we’d like to see in new episodes

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6. Summer as Failsafe

Despite how Summer is sometimes treated in a condescending and callous manner, she has clearly inherited the casual intelligence of a Sanchez and is trusted with complex failsafe instructions when Rick clearly does not even trust himself or Morty to use his advanced technology responsibly.

Rick is smart enough to foresee the need for a contingency plan, but not smart enough to avoid needing one. Then again, is he even smarter for knowing himself well enough to know that he’ll need a contingency plan?

Anyway. Summer’s weakness is merely her adolescence and the boredom that is sometimes the price of high intelligence. In all other areas, she’s the objective third party that Rick and Morty need to ensure they survive their own stupidity.

I would love to see just how many times Summer has saved their butts.

7. Jaguar and Pickle Rick

One of the most popular and anticipated episodes of season three was Pickle Rick — the episode in which Rick turned himself into a pickle and was still somehow able to kick ass using science and parkour.

During this episode, he fights against and then ultimately teams up with the skilled assassin Jaguar (voiced by Danny Trejo). Jaguar escapes his prison with Rick’s help and together they destroy the Russian Embassy where he was being held.

Jaguar is still out there somewhere, so there’s potential for he and Rick to team up again someday. Whether Rick would have to transform himself into a pickle for this mission is a possibility to be explored.

I don’t know what circumstance would necessitate this, but Rick might do it anyway just for kicks.