BBC releases first look at period drama Death and Nightingales


BBC releases first look for period drama Death and Nightingales starring Jamie Dornan, Matthew Rhys, and Ann Skelly.

Set to premiere later this year on BBC Two, Death and Nightingales is an Irish period drama based on Eugene McCable’s classic novel of the same name. The series is written by The Fall’s creator Alan Cubitt and stars Jamie Dornan (The Fall), Matthew Rhys (The Americans), and up-and-coming Irish actor Ann Skelly (Red Rock).

The three-part series takes place in the Fermanagh countryside in 1885 as Beth Winters (Skelly) and Liam Ward (Dornan) prepare to escape together from their oppressive and solitary life in a community of neighborhood spies and informants. The series takes place over a 24-hour period and sounds haunting and tense.

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As it is an Irish drama and the synopsis makes a point to describe Rhys’ character as a Protestant landowner as well as Beth Winters’ stepfather, I can imagine there is some kind of politico-religious tension brewing within the community. Not only is it about a woman taking control of her own life, but it “illuminates tensions that tear both families and nations apart.”

The first look photos reveal a well-costumed production with a stark color palette. The images feature the three leads and immediately communicates worlds about the characters in question. Ann Skelly sits up straight, confident and assured with a determined and optimistic look on her face as Dornan sits by her side looking bemused and uncertain.

Photo Credit: BBC Two

Photo Credit: BBC Two

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She is the one who drives the wagon. The second photo features Rhys, a businessman of many buttoned up layers wearing a dour and buttoned up expression on his face. The contrast between him and Dornan is immediate; where Rhys’ starched white collar is buttoned to the top, Dornan’s collar lies open and adorned with a dashing red neckerchief.

Source: Deadline