36 best science fiction TV series, ranked worst to first

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27. Warehouse 13

While some considered Warehouse 13 a low-rent version of The X-Files, this SyFy original series shares much more in common with the Friday the 13th series, as the team here sought out supernatural items to bring back to Warehouse 13 for safe keeping.

The cast was also impressive for a SyFy series, with Saul Rubinek (Unforgiven) as the Special Agent in charge of the Warehouse and C.C.H. Pounder (The Shield) as the director of the program itself — as well as the mysterious Caretaker of Warehouse 13.

However, the main leads of this series are Eddie McClintock as Secret Service Agent Pete Lattimer and Joanne Kelly as Secret Service rising star Myka Bering. They are the team tasked with heading out to recover the artifacts on each episode.

The series had a supernatural slant but kept its science fiction roots as well. For the fantasy aspects, the Warehouse had existed since Alexander the Great used it from 336-323 BC and the Warehouse always existed in the most powerful empire of its era. This was the 13th (hence the name).

The series lasted for five seasons and 64 total episodes on the SyFy Network and was a popular series for genre awards shows, picking up seven nominations in the Portal Awards in 2012 alone.

It was also an interesting series because it crossed over with two other SyFy shows, in Eureka and Alphas.