36 best science fiction TV series, ranked worst to first

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26. V

V was one of the most popular and successful science fiction TV miniseries of its era when the original version aired in 1983. Airing on NBC, the original miniseries lasted two episodes and had aliens trying to take control of Earth after showing up and pretending to be friendly and looking for help.

This series was created by Kenneth Johnson, who also created The Bionic Woman and Incredible Hulk television series. He went on to create Alien Nation, using many ideas that he originated in V.

It was so popular that NBC greenlit V: The Final Battle to give the story a conclusion, but Johnson left the project because he disagreed with the network’s demands for the ending. That was followed by a TV series in 1984-85.

In 2009, ABC got the rights to V and brought it back as a new series, keeping the same storyline of an alien race showing up on Earth in peace but then proving to have an ulterior motive as they set out to conquer the planet.

No longer content as a miniseries, this was a full-fledged science fiction TV show and starred Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost) and Morena Baccarin (Firefly) with Scott Peters (The 4400) working as the showrunner.

V ran for a total of two seasons and 22 episodes. After a huge showing for the first season’s premiere, the show then dropped in ratings, which led to its cancelation in the second season by ABC.