36 best science fiction TV series, ranked worst to first

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25. The Man in the High Castle

If anyone can lay claim to being a master in the genre of science fiction, it is Philip K. Dick. The man has been responsible for numerous sci-fi movies based on his books, from Total Recall and Minority Report to A Scanner Darkly and Blade Runner.

The Man in the High Castle is based on Dick’s 1962 novel that resided in a world where Japan and Nazi Germany won World War II and the two countries now rule over the United States of America.

The Amazon Prime science fiction TV series shows a 1962 where the Greater Nazi Reich includes more than half of the Eastern half of the former United States and the Japanese Pacific States includes the west — the two sides separated by a neutral zone of the Rocky Mountains.

Much like the United States and Russia had their Cold War, in this world, it was Japan and Germany who were involved in a Cold War of their own.

In 2015, the pilot of The Man in the High Castle was the most watched Amazon original series at that time. Amazon ordered a full first season and at Comic-Con this year, they announced a fourth season was greenlit.

What makes this show interesting is that it is not an alternate world story — or at least, that is not all it is. Instead, this is Philip K. Dick science fiction and there is something under the surface — possibly alternate worlds. In the series, there are propaganda films that show a very different history than the one where the Axis Powers won World War II.