36 best science fiction TV series, ranked worst to first

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23. Futurama

After reaching immense success with his hit animated Fox series The Simpsons, Matt Groening got an idea for a futuristic animated science fiction TV show and in 1999, he unleashed Futurama on the world.

While The Simpsons was a great animated series based on the world of sitcoms, Futurama was something else entirely. In Futurama, a young slacker named Fry ended up accidentally transported to the 31st Century, where he made new friends and enjoyed adventures in a world very different than the one he came from.

With some brilliant original characters including the alcoholic robot Bender, the one-eyed and strong Leela, and a supporting cast including Doctor Zoidberg and Professor Farmsworth, the cast alone carried this animated sci-fi series to great heights.

However, the storytelling was top notch. One episode, in particular, showed the time when Fry was sent to the future and showed one of the most heartbreaking scenes in television history when it showed what fate awaited his pet dog, which was waiting for him to return.

Honestly, this one episode alone throws Futurama into the top ranks of all animated television shows — science fiction or not.

Fox actually canceled Futurama after four seasons, but Comedy Central revived it, created some direct-to-video films and Futurama ended up with a seven-year run before it finally signed off — a total of 140 episodes.