36 best science fiction TV series, ranked worst to first

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16. 12 Monkeys

In 1995, Terry Gilliam (of Monty Python fame) created one of the best science fiction movies of all-time in 12 Monkeys. The movie had an apocalyptic future where a prisoner (Bruce Willis) was sent back in time to learn what the 12 Monkeys were and see if they were the cause of the world’s destruction.

That movie itself was actually inspired by an experimental 1962 film titled La Jetée, a movie that was created almost entirely using still photographs and told the story of a pos-nuclear war and time travel.

It was a great story and the 1995 movie was brilliant. That gave the SyFy Network television series a lot to live up to. What worked so great for the TV show is that it took the same basic idea and expanded it into a massive world-building experience that fleshed everything out.

Aaron Stanford (Pyro in the X-Men movies) took on the Bruce Willis role of James Cole. However, when it comes to the 12 Monkeys television show, it is Cassie (Amanda Schull) that was the more important character, while she was the main supporting role in the movie.

12 Monkeys lasted four seasons and ended this year. It was a strange ride, as season 3 was released completely in one weekend and season 4 had 11 episodes rushed out in four weekends. it seemed like SyFy was just trying to wash their hands of the show, which made no sense.

The time travel seemed a bit convoluted at times, but the acting was first-rate and the story really expanded into a tale of predestination and free will when it comes to changing the past and creating a better future.

The TV show even created a possibility of hope in a future that still looks doomed. This was a show that not enough people watched when it was on and more need to find as it hits streaming services and DVD.