36 best science fiction TV series, ranked worst to first

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15. Lost in Space

Before Star Trek changed everything people knew about science fiction television, Lost in Space was the biggest sci-fi hit that TV had ever seen. Premiering in 1965 — one year before Kirk and Spock set off in the Starship Enterprise — Lost in Space took the Robinson family and stranded them in outer space, where they had to survive.

The show took place in the future (1997) where space travel exists and colonization of space is in the works. A family unit set out to live in space for five years. However, a competing nation sabotaged the flight and stranded John Robinson, his wife and their three kids (along with a pilot, doctor and a robot) on a planet that could maintain human life.

Fans who hate how science fiction TV series ends without a resolution have to realize this is nothing new. CBS canceled Lost in Space after three seasons with the family still trapped in outer space.

Over the years, Lost in Space was a hugely popular classic science fiction TV series, getting syndicated decades after its cancelation. It was also made into a movie in 1998 and this year became a new Netflix series.

The Netflix Lost in Space series had a similar storyline, gender-swapped Dr. Smith (Parker Posey in this version) and had a very distinct and less friendly looking robot as the companion. It also focused much more attention on the young son Will Robinson, while delving into more serious sci-fi and less of the camp of the original groundbreaking series.