36 best science fiction TV series, ranked worst to first

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30. Dollhouse

Joss Whedon built a lot of love thanks to his two fantasy hit television series — Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel — and one of the best science fiction TV shows of all-time in Firefly (which appears later in this countdown).

However, one show that is often overlooked is his science fiction television series Dollhouse.

Dollhouse stars Buffy alumni Eliza Dushku as Echo — a Doll who is an operative for the Los Angeles Dollhouse. The Dolls are created to serve different purposes, from romantic interludes to the criminal enterprises in the area. The Dolls have their minds wiped after each mission and always live in a constant fresh state.

However, Echo is malfunctioning and is keeping different memories from her missions despite the mind-wiping after each mission. Echo was a political activist who wanted to bring down the organization until she was caught and turned into a Doll.

The series then moved into a huge science fiction epic storyline with the mind-wiping used to create Dolls affecting the entire world.

Much like all Joss Whedon’s shows, the networks messed around with Dollhouse. There were concerns it would end up canceled after one season and an unaired final episode of that season increased the fears. It was that episode that teased the apocalyptic future.

Dollhouse did get a second season with 13 episodes before the series ended.