36 best science fiction TV series, ranked worst to first

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Image: The CW

29. The 100

When it comes to science fiction, The CW might not be the go-to network for smart sci-fi, as it remains best in the realm of fantasy and superhero TV shows. With that said, The CW did have a hit on its hands in 2014 when it premiered the sci-fi series The 100.

Very loosely based on the novel series that shares its name by author Kass Morgan, The 100 is a post-apocalyptic series that follows the survivors of a nuclear holocaust who live on a space habitat called The Ark.

97 years after the Earth was devastated, the 2,400 survivors on the space station want to know if they can return to Earth and start it over again. Knowing the dangers, they choose 100 juvenile prisoners and send them down to see if Earth is safe yet to return to.

What these 100 kids find is that there were also survivors on Earth and they have been living in their own power struggle, with Grounders living in clans and Reapers as scary cannibals. There are also the Mountain Men, who live away from both groups.

So far, there have been 71 episodes over five seasons, and a sixth season was ordered this year to air sometime in 2019. Like most series on The CW, this is squarely aimed at the young adult fans but has been loved by critics, who feel it is a guilty pleasure with great atmosphere and storytelling.