The CW Conclave: Six new characters you should tune in for

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Most of The CW’s lineup will be returning with new seasons in just under two months. Here are six new characters you’ll want to meet.

Most successful series will continually expand their cast each season. It comes with the territory of world-building or even of bringing in fresh blood just to shake things up. Grey’s Anatomy, for example, is still one of ABC’s top-rated shows and is headed into its record-breaking fifteenth season this fall with only four of its original cast members. Meanwhile, genre shows on The CW like Supernatural and Arrow are required to bring in at least one new villain per season.

Of course, most series don’t revamp their cast as dramatically as Grey’s has over the years, but the show has demonstrated the power that new characters can bring. Plenty of people still watch it for the OGs, but plenty of people don’t. The series has an entire generation of fans who weren’t even alive or had only just been born when it premiered in 2005.

Focusing now on The CW, several new characters are debuting on the network’s returning shows. Here’s a look at six new characters you should tune in to meet on the new seasons of Arrow, Riverdale, The 100, The Flash and Supergirl.

6. Roy Harper – Arrow

All right, so Colton Haynes’ Roy Harper isn’t technically a new character on The CW. However, Haynes departed Arrow as a series regular back in 2015 after season three, and in the years since, has made only three guest appearances.

Roy has primarily been living on the run and only suited up a handful of times. Thus, Roy will be getting reacquainted with his role as a vigilante, assuming he rejoins Team Arrow, just as fans will be getting reacquainted with Roy himself.

Additionally, Roy will be meeting much of the current, though fractured, Team Arrow for the first time this season, namely, Curtis Holt (Echo Kellum), Dinah Drake (Juliana Harkavy) and Rene Ramirez (Rick Gonzales).