The CW Conclave: Six new characters you should tune in for

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5 & 4. Gladys & Jellybean Jones – Riverdale

Riverdale hasn’t actually announced who will play Jughead’s (Cole Sprouse) mom Gladys or his little sister Jellybean yet. Lauren Graham and Dafne Keen are my top picks. (Fingers crossed)

While we await that news, though, we at least don’t have to speculate about when the characters will make their debut. According to Comic Book Resources, Sprouse confirmed at last month’s San Diego Comic Con that fans will meet the other half of the Jones family in the eighth or ninth episode of Riverdale‘s upcoming third season.

Not much has been teased about Gladys in previous seasons, though we know she and FP (Skeet Ulrich) have a complicated relationship due to his struggles with alcoholism. Gladys may also interfere, intentionally or not, with the possibility of fan-favorite ship FP and Alice getting together.

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I’m betting it will be Gladys and Jughead that will have the more tense and interesting reunion, though. After all, she left Riverdale to give her daughter a better life, away from FP, but didn’t bring her son.

Then, as Jughead’s life was falling apart at the end of season one, he decided to move out to Toledo to live with his mom and sister. However, when Jughead called to give Gladys the happy news, she told him he couldn’t come.

Jughead has since found a community among the Serpents and even told FP he didn’t want to move to Ohio when FP suggested it near the end of season two. However, that doesn’t mean Jughead should be quick to forgive his mom for abandoning him.

LONDON, ENGLAND – MARCH 18: Actress Dafne Keen, winner of the Best Female Newcomer award, poses in the winners room at the Rakuten TV EMPIRE Awards 2018 at The Roundhouse on March 18, 2018 in London, England. (Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images)

Turning to Jellybean, I think her age alone will make her a standout character. Riverdale currently has two main demographics: 16-year-olds and middle-aged adults. Jellybean is neither, though she could span a bit of an age range, as I explained in my fan casting.

"Jughead cited his sister as being ten years old back in season one. Given that only about a year has gone by since the pilot, per Riverdale‘s timeline, Jellybean will presumably be eleven or twelve when she makes her debut. That being said, shows often age up characters, especially if they’ve previously only been mentioned offscreen or haven’t appeared often. If Riverdale goes that route, I’m guessing Jellybean could potentially be upwards of 14."

Whatever her age ends up being, throwing a younger kid into the mix on a show as dark as Riverdale should be interesting.