Check out of the plot and trailer for Netflix’s American Vandal Season 2


The satirical mockumentary series American Vandal returns for a Season 2 on Netflix and it will be ramping up the nature of the crime.

Season 1 of American Vandal was a mockumentary about a troubled teenager who’s been suspended from his high school due to drawing male private parts all over the schools parking lot. It was Emmy-nominated and won a Peabody Award.

I found it humorous and unique as it mocked wildly popular murder documentaries such as Making a Murderer, but I was also invested to see the mystery unravel. It looks like Season 2 will bring that same style back to Netflix for a second go around… somehow with even more absurdity.

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Instead of Dylan Maxwell (Jimmy Tatro) as the shows primary culprit, Kevin McClain (Travis Tope) is the student who’s been initially expelled for the pranks. But much like Season 1, the field of suspects is wide open. The crime: someone going by the name the “Turd Burglar” poisoned the cafeteria food (including the lemonade), and the “Brown Out” began. I’ll let you see for yourself what horrible atrocities transpired as the students began uncontrollably crapping themselves all over the school.

This is a much worse, much more embarrassing crime for everyone involved, as it affected the students physically, and therefore Season 2 is really pulling no punches. There’s sure to be mystery, twists and turns, and lots and lots of references to poop and all the synonyms that go with it.

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Returning from Season One are the documentary team who tried to exonerate Dylan, best friends Peter Maldonado (Tyler Alvarez) and Sam (Griffin Gluck). Unfortunately, Jimmy Tatro will not be returning to reprise Dylan, who was definitely the best part of the first season. Fingers crossed for a cameo…

The documentarians will be taking their talents to an elite Catholic school where the pranks have occurred and the Turd Burglar assumedly attends.

Season 2 will be available for streaming on Netflix Friday, September 14.