Fall TV: The guide for all new fall shows premiering in 2018

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9/24  Magnum P.I. – 9:00 PM 

Magnum P.I. has gotten mixed reactions from fans but CBS is fully behind this reboot. One thing’s for sure, this reboot is going to be much different from Tom Selleck’s version. The most noticeable missing piece is the lack of a mustache on Jay Hernandez’s face. From the trailer, everything looks a bit campier but for people who like MacGyver or even FOX’s Lethal Weapon, this will probably be enjoyable. At the very least, if you like the original, mind as well check out CBS’s reboot to see if it brings a new spin to a classic series.

9/25 FBI – 9:00 PM 

Anything from Dick Wolf automatically guarantees an audience. For anyone who’s enjoyed Law & Order or any of the Chicago series, then definitely check out FBI. However, this is probably one of his most ambitious series yet. This Fall TV show deals with two FBI agents trying to track down a terrorist who blew up a building full of minorities and alleged drug dealers. It’s an interesting twist to see a white nationalist potentially be to blame and undoubtedly a pragmatic creative decision by Wolf. Ultimately, this show plans to have more than one bad guy, and none of them seem to be generic. With Missy Peregrym, infamous for playing the lead cop on Rookie Blue, leading the cast, this should shape up to be a decent series.

9/27 Murphy Brown – 9:30 PM

The entire gang is back for CBS’s Murphy Brown revival. What’s there to say? If you liked the original, then this is definitely worth checking out. If you’ve never seen it, then check it out anyways.