Fall TV: The guide for all new fall shows premiering in 2018

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9/9 REL – 8:00 PM 

Lil Rel Howery, famously known for his role as Rod in Get Out, stars in his own sitcom about a guy trying to get back on his feet. His character, Lil Rel, has just been cheated on by his wife and has to return home to his family. It’s interesting seeing the cast list doesn’t include his kids (yet), so this show is probably going to focus entirely on Rel’s life without having his normal family around. The comedian, Sinbad, also has a recurring role on the show as Rel’s judgemental father and it marks his return to live-action television since 2015 on Comedy Bang! Bang!. This might not be the most original premise for a sitcom, but a talented ensemble could make this a must-watch Fall TV show.

9/28 The Cool Kids – 8:30 PM 

Not much is known about The Cool Kids outside of the fact it’s full of comedic veterans having fun at an old folks’ home. Patrick Walsh, the showrunner of FOX’s Last Man Standing, will also be in charge of this sitcom as well. In fact, the series will be paired alongside Tim Allen’s revival which probably means they appeal to the same demographic of viewers. The story will follow three men who get usurped by a new female resident and the hijinks will ensue. It’s unclear how long the series has been planned out but based on the trailer, it appears like FOX is hoping the ensemble alone will pull in viewers. On the heels of canceling beloved comedies like The MickLast Man on Earth, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, both of FOX’s new sitcoms need to succeed. If they don’t the network will probably be receiving a lot of “I told you so’s” via social media from NBC fans.