Fall TV: The guide for all new fall shows premiering in 2018

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9/24 Manifest – 10:00 PM 

The trailer for Manifest definitely confirms this is NBC’s most ambitious Fall TV series. Josh Dallas alone will probably be enough to generate a decent audience following his career post Once Upon A Time. Having seen the pilot, it’s an interesting premise yet it’s unclear if the show will steer into a more Lost-like direction. For now, it will appeal to general audiences while still exploring interesting themes like spirituality versus logic. Melissa Roxburgh is a star in the making, and she immediately emerges as the most likable from the entire cast. However, the main mystery about how these passengers managed to skip five years ahead is more interesting than seeing them integrate back into society.

9/25 New Amsterdam – 10:00 PM 

New Amsterdam is trying to be the next heartwarming medical series out there. Healthcare has dominated a lot of discussions in 2018, and the new NBC show will try to tackle it with this show. If you like ABC’s The Good Doctor or FOX’s The Resident, then this series will probably appeal to you.

9/04 I Feel Bad – 9:30 PM 

Executive produced by Amy Poehler is the only marketing I Feel Bad needs from NBC. The network as a strong track record of sitcoms and this one will definitely serve up a few laughs. Yes, Emet (Sarayu Blue) is the voice of the series but it will appeal to both men and women. Her coworkers make up a group of recognizable comedic faces who have all had supporting roles in other sitcoms. Meanwhile, the idea of getting older and trying to keep up with the current times is something every adult can relate to.