Mahershala Ali is a haunted man in new True Detective trailer


The season 3 trailer for True Detective has just dropped and Oscar winner Mahershala Ali is a man haunted by the past.

But unlike most people, it’s not his own past that haunts him. It’s an old case of his for season 3 of True Detective.

If someone working in law enforcement spends a ton of time on a particular case, then it is no surprise if they’re haunted by a case they couldn’t solve. Especially if they’ve spent a lot of time with the victim’s family.

Truman Capote created what is arguably the defining true crime book by going in-depth and exploring the murder of a family. While in the process of working on the book, he acquired numerous friends in the area where the crime took place. Working in law enforcement on a case for so many years would be quite similar, especially if the killer or killers were never caught. Now, if they had a suspect that they knew was responsible, but were unable to prove it, that would make the situation even more haunting.

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So, the question is what exactly is haunting Ali’s character? Does he have a bunch of old case files dedicated to an old crime that someone hopes will be forgotten? It’s possible. There is enough material out there so that entire libraries could be dedicated to not just unsolved crimes, but certain individual cases. You could conceivably spend your entire life reading only books about the Kennedy Assassination and never read the same piece of work twice, or run out of material to read.

The series is set to premiere next January. Are you excited for season 3 of True Detective? What do you think of the trailer? Tell us in the comments below!