9 must-watch Netflix originals coming in September

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The Good Cop /Image by Netflix

The Good Cop – September 21

This one sounds like it could be just whacky enough to be brilliant. Monk creator Andy Breckman developed this series about a straight-laced NYC detective (Josh Groban) and his crooked ex-cop dad (Tony Danza).

I personally can’t get over this strange and magical casting. I was never one to swoon over Groban as the angel-voiced opera singer, but I greatly admire his sense of humor and think he’s just made for a show like this.

There is something otherworldly about his performance, almost like he knows he’s in a sitcom — but it works. Danza, on the other hand, is smooth and charming and charismatic as ever.

He may be crooked, but he’s hard not to love. And all this comes through easily in just the trailer, so I can’t wait to see it in action.

Norsemen / Image by Netflix

Norsemen: Season 2 – September 26

This Norwegian historical comedy series is about the Norsemen who live in the town of Norheim in the year 790.

Described as part Monty Python and part Game of Thrones, the series is a bizarre mix of elements that are blended seamlessly together.

The series often indulges epic sweeps of Norway’s natural beauty accompanied by somber, folksy violin music only to transition into some surreal Pythonesque piece of comedy.

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Creators Jon Iver Helgaker and Jonas Torgersen made the show in English, which is an interesting choice and perhaps one that best showcases the style of comedy — although they did also make a Norwegian language version.