It’s Always Sunny season 13 trailer spoofs Paranormal Activity


As season 13 of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia approaches, things are looking spooky, and also rather spoof-y.  How freaky will the new season get?  

The promos for the latest season of FX’s hit show have heavily tied into horror themes. Not only is 13 considered an unlucky number, but the poster itself depicts the gang fleeing from a hockey-masked maniac.

Not only does this recall the Friday the 13th franchise, but could make audiences wonder just what’s in store. How far will the gang go to ramp things up?

Some things have already been revealed, such as Dennis being replaced by a sex doll (at least momentarily, and at least in one episode).

If that’s not creepy enough, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has dabbled in horror and creepy themes before. Dennis Reynolds is often suspected of being a serial killer. Charlie has a strange and tragic backstory involving a creepy uncle. Rickety Cricket’s life is always falling apart, as well as his body and mind.

Frank Reynolds pretty much flips his lid in every episode!

Of course, one can’t forget the creeptastic McPoyles, the infamous “Maureen Ponderosa Wedding Massacre” (where horror director Guillermo del Toro appeared), and the episode where Dennis and Dee dug up their mother’s corpse, at Frank’s behest.

There’s actually a lot of bizarre and creepy stuff going on in this show, without digging far beneath the surface.

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It’s doubtful that the Paranormal Activity aspects will figure heavily into the actual season, as the show rarely dabbles in genuine supernatural phenomena. However, it is guaranteed that things will get out of hand and even the innocent won’t be spared!

The It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 13 premiere airs Sept. 5 at 10 PM on FXX!