Jack Ryan puts its heroes on offense. "End of Ho..."/> Jack Ryan puts its heroes on offense. "End of Ho..."/> Jack Ryan puts its heroes on offense. "End of Ho..."/>

Jack Ryan season 1, episode 5 recap: ‘End of Honor’


Following the devastating attack in Paris, Jack Ryan puts its heroes on offense.

“End of Honor” picks up with the world reeling from the attack in the church and clips of the media reporting on the event. However, it also gives viewers their first look at Suleiman’s past outside of his childhood, and how he became so angry at the system. He worked hard to get out of poverty in France, and in return, he was shut out of every job opportunity because of his name. It’s easy to understand why this guy eventually turned to extremism, and Jack Ryan makes it clear that his life could have been much different.

In the previous episode, Suleiman compares himself to a wolf and Sandrine also says the same thing about Jack. The series definitely seems to be commenting on the similarities between the two: both well educated, hard-working, and talented guys who could have succeeded in almost anything. However, Jack didn’t have to deal with discrimination at every turn, which is a large part of why their paths have diverged. “End of Honor” spends a huge chunk of the episode from Suleiman’s point of view and Jack almost feels like a secondary character.

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At his compound, Suleiman is training his soldiers to be prepared in battle. He’s made international airwaves after releasing a video taking responsibility for the attack. On top of that, he’s also created two propaganda videos to recruit new members, something Jack is terrified of. Not to mention, it’s easy to see why so many of these men will line up to follow Suleiman. Unlike the previous leader, he exercises kindness with all of his men. Offering them food, water, and fresh clothing, he does seem to genuinely care about their well-being.

He evens asks the kidnapped doctors to make a list of everything they need and he will make sure they get it. While it undoubtedly seems like he has a more nefarious plan at work, he could very easily have them suffer in their dark like the previous leader. At least this way is more humane, and already it’s easy to see the doctors mistake this humanity as a sign they could be released.

In the flashbacks, Jack Ryan shows a newly graduated Suleiman going in for a job interview. The secretary can’t help but stare at him, and a former “friend” makes fun of his dirty shoes beforehand. When he actually enters the room, three guys completely zone out during his interview and they insinuate he would never be hired because they can’t “trust” him.

Dejected, he goes back to selling falafel while Ali has become a young wannabe gangster. He’s a product of his environment, with the series showing all of his friends huddled together and terrified of the police. He even has a gun that one of his friends got him, something Suleiman knows could get his brother killed. When two cops start harassing them because Ali was smoking weed, Suleiman assaults them to give him time to escape. Now we know that prison rap sheet was because he was trying to protect his brother.

However, something changes in prison which leads him to become the man he currently is in Jack Ryan. Ali scoffs at his brother’s change, but there’s a little bit of admiration under all of the jokes. “End of Honor” does a good job of showing their camaraderie over the years, and why Suleiman would risk everything for Ali.

Meanwhile, Hanin has made it to a refugee camp in Turkey but is informed she’ll be deported back to Syria. She successfully barters with a man in the camp to smuggle her into Europe. Little does she know, Jack is aware she’s on the run and is desperate to find her before Suleiman can. Considering his soldier survived and is currently hunting her, it’s safe to assume the next episode will be a race to save the girls. Especially because Suleiman will lash out emotionally, exactly what Greer warned Jack not to do, because of the death of his brother and loss of his family.

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The drone pilot, Victor Polizzi is back in this episode of Jack Ryan in another compelling but ultimately unnecessary arc. He discovers the man he killed in episode three was actually innocent and someone mistakenly labeled him a target. This news guts him because he’s ultimately murdered someone and left a boy fatherless but no one will get any blame for that. He has no direct ties to any of the main storylines right now, so this feels a bit like filler. However, this subplot fares better than his gambling adventure in episode three and shows how “following orders” isn’t an excuse.

Finally, Jack’s personal life got a little more complicated. After taking a call during a date with Cathy, she decides to pump the brakes on their relationship. The helicopter, scars, and whatever else he’s hiding have her on her toes. While I’m not totally invested in their romance yet, there were nice touches in the scene. Although, I’m confident the two will be back together by the end of the season.

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