Jack Ryan season 1, episode 6 recap: ‘Sources and Methods’


It’s a race against the clock as Hanin tries to keep her daughters safe in the sixth episode of Jack Ryan.

“Sources and Methods” has Jack Ryan and Greer hit the road to try to track down Hanin before Suleiman can. Weirdly enough, the episode doesn’t focus all that much on the women’s struggles and instead spends most of the time with Jack. It’s a little disappointing because it would’ve been more interesting to see more of the hardships refugees face when trying to escape a country. Instead, “Sources and Methods” has another unnecessary drone pilot subplot, and Jack comes out feeling a little too self-righteous.

Opening up the episode, Jack Ryan flashes back to Ali and Suleiman digging up a grave with a man named Samuel. Turns out, the latter is the Ebola patient who Cathy has been investigating throughout the season. She has noticed his cultures show an infection from and the EVD-27 strain of the disease, however that particular strain has been eradicated. A fellow doctor reveals Samuel’s connection to Suleiman, which leads Cathy to officially notify the proper authorities about a potential containment breach.

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Meanwhile, Jack and Greer have flown to Turkey hoping to find Hanin before Suleiman’s men can. However, this means making a deal with the devil for Ryan, who isn’t interested in teaming up with a sex trafficker. Greer basically tells him to suck it up, because they need him if they have any hope of ever saving the girls. Of course, Ryan won’t do so and he very obviously acts aggressively to the leader, Tony. Nonetheless, Greer manages to make a deal for a nice sum of money as long as Tony can help them retrieve the women.

Hanin and her daughters are in the back of the truck heading for the coast. Jack Ryan shows a little bit of the struggles they face, especially when her youngest daughter needs to go to the bathroom. All of the refugees sit in a truck full of their own waste as they hope to make it to the coast as quickly as possible. However, when they pull over to gas up and go to the bathroom, Suleiman’s man attacks. She protects her daughters by bashing his head in with a rock and he falls into the “sh*t pit”. The three escape on foot before Ryan and Greer can get there in time.

Luckily, Tony knows a shortcut to the boats and leads the group to a compound full of guards. When he doesn’t want to pay them, he ends up murdering them. Enough is enough for Jack, and he finally attacks Tony out of rage. It’s a nice sentiment that Jack Ryan is trying to portray: the titular character doesn’t want to work with someone who skews so far off his own moral compass. However, Greer is clearly in the right here. They need Tony to find the girls and that’s the most important part of the mission. It’s aggravating to see Jack so willing to throw away their best chance at saving them because of his own code of conduct.

Even though they’re all annoyed, Tony does end up taking them to the boats. Just in the nick of time too, because Hanin has been grabbed by Suleiman’s men. Yes, he’s ordered the murder of his wife (away from his kids) and for his daughters to be returned. Greer and Jack pretend to cut a deal where they take Hanin but he can have his kids back. However, the moment Suleiman’s man throws Hanin to them, Greer takes the shot. All three women are safe and on their way to the United States.

However, Jack does warn Hanin that they can’t stay in America unless she provides some useful information. While she can’t say what her husband’s plan is, she does reveal his location after Jack promises to try his best to save Samir. Hopefully, he’s able to because it will be truly heartbreaking for Jack Ryan to force Hanin to suffer through losing a child.

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The series also reveals what happened in Karachi with Greer. Basically, he stabbed a man who betrayed him and threatened to throw him in a Pakistani prison. Greer questions if he made the right call, but also reveals that they will need to make some morally questionable decisions for the greater good. Jack doesn’t believe that, and again it’s a nice sentiment, but a little bit naive.

Although the weakest storyline of the bunch is the drone pilot’s. He safely takes a taxi from Turkey to Syria to apologize to the family of the man he killed. It doesn’t seem to have any connection to the plot whatsoever and it’s unclear what his endgame is. Is he hoping for forgiveness? For a punishment? Is he hoping to die? It’s very confusing and at the point, feels like a waste of time.

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