Official American Horror Story: Apocalypse trailer finally released.


In anticipation of next week’s premiere of American Horror Story: Apocalypse the official trailer has finally been released.

There was an American Horror Story teaser from this morning, but this is the full trailer for fans to enjoy.

Without warning, nuclear warning sirens sound in California and chaos sets in with the usual mayhem of traffic accidents and people running and screaming.

It seems like the apocalypse in question may also be a rapture type event, as a private plane flying Joan Collin’s character seems to be flying, but without a pilot.

When the passengers find this out, turbulence immediately sets in and the plane threatens to crash.

The result is a desolate wasteland that looks like a zombie apocalypse and someplace led by Sarah Paulson’s character called “Outpost B.”

Outpost B is a throwback to the vintage nuclear radiation shelters from during the Cold War. Of course, the residents may not ever leave because of the dangers of radiation.

But why let a good crisis go to waste? Because Sarah Paulson’s character proclaims that this is a golden opportunity to remold the World.

But she may have some unexpected complications, as in comes Cordelia Foxx (also Paulson in a comeback of her season 3 character) and her fellow witches from the New Orleans Coven.

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Also making an appearance is the notorious Rubberman from Murder House, as Rubberman pays a visit to the Outpost. Also worth nothing is Kathy Bates outfit, as she is dressed oddly similar to Aunt Lydia from The Handmaid’s Tale in stern, no-nonsense martial attire.  It also explains Bates’ black hair dye.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse will premiere on FX next Wednesday, September 12, at 10 pm.