Atypical season 2, episode 2 recap: ‘Penguin Cam and Chill’


Elsa tries to win back Doug while Sam tries to understand the complications of a casual relationship with Paige on Atypical.

Atypical is chugging along in the second episode of the latest season as the Gardners try to find a new normal amidst all the changes. Elsa is now staying with a friend, while Doug is at home with the kids. However, this is proving to be harder than Elsa imagined and she shows up back home the next morning much to everyone’s surprise.

It appears Elsa views this break as temporary, but she is still on the outs with the entire family. In fact, Doug asks to meet her to lay down some ground rules to prevent her from randomly showing up, cooking dinner, and texting him incessantly. Not sure about Elsa, but we’re pretty sure this marriage is just about over.

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Elsa isn’t the only one being given ground rules as Paige tells Sam they are now going to be having a casual relationship. Of course, this is complicated and overwhelming for Sam so rules are exactly what he wants. But of course, once he understands these rules (and is told by Zahid how great it is to be in the gray area), Paige decides to break it off completely because of her insecurity over Sam’s dependence on Julia.

The penguin aspect of the episode was entertaining because it shows, once again, a simple and innocent aspect of this story, and who Sam is at his core. Plus, who doesn’t love penguins? It’s nice to see that his interests are ultimately what ties their family together despite the difficulties they face.

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This episode of Atypical was a tough one for Casey who started at Clayton Prep. Between jealous teammates, a Flex card needed to buy lunch, difficult classes, and a new boy in the mix, things were all over the place for her. The aforementioned new boy, Nate, is her teammate Izzie’s boyfriend, but something tells us this new friendship is going to get a bit more confusing as time goes on and perhaps, Casey shouldn’t be so quick to trust Nate just yet.