Narcos: Mexico to be released on Netflix November 16


In a glimpse at Narcos: Mexico, the show’s fourth season, the teaser also revealed that the season will air on Netflix November 16.

Narcos season 1 and 2 followed the story of infamous Columbian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar.

While season 3 took place without Escobar’s character, it was still in the same area and the story picked up right after Escobar’s death as the cartel and those associated with it dealt with the implications of Escobar’s death.

But Entertainment Weekly reports that Narcos season 4 brings a change of both setting and characters, as the new season will take place in Mexico.

Among the show’s leads is Diego Luna, who will play Felix Gallado, another infamous drug lord. While Luna’s biggest role to date was his performance in the Star Wars film Rogue One  (also on Netflix) as Cassian Andor, this role gives him a perfect chance to introduce himself to an entirely new audience.

Gallado, like Escobar, and many other characters found in season four, is a real person who was heavily involved in the drug cartels.

Now, some viewers may be curious as to why the show switched the setting. Don’t worry, it all makes sense. The reason for the switch in setting and characters is all part of the story the show is trying to tell.

The main idea at the heart of Narcos is exactly what the title refers to; drugs. The entire basis of the show is to explore the drug business and the implications it has on people and the places they inhabit.

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With this in mind, it makes perfect sense to switch the setting. Because then Narcos can tell the story of the drug trade through a new perspective.