Ozark season 2, episode 3 recap: ‘Once A Langmore…’


Ozark gets dark, morbid, and unpredictable in the third episode of the season as a senator’s past is revealed.

Ozark is showing a side of Wendy that we have only seen glimpses of but is now her persona through and through. The Byrdes are pushing for the casino deal from all angles but once again run into a speed bump in the form of a state senator.

During a crucial vote for the casino, Wilkes conveniently arranged for this state senator to not show up by blackmailing him about his mental health (so messed up, we know). Wilkes knew the senator suffered from clinical depression and he threatened to expose him if he didn’t back away from the vote.

Rather than face the public, the senator killed himself adding another body to the list of people who have died since the Byrdes have come around. The senator’s widow is furious, naturally, over this and plans to sue Wilkes for wrongful death. Enter, Wendy.

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Wendy has been at the forefront of all the hot messes this season and swooped in once again and offered to fund a charity in the late senator’s name to help others with depression. This also mends the relationship between Wilkes and Wendy who recently had a disagreement over Wilkes’ plan to build a mall surrounding the casino.

Of course, this would spell trouble with the Snells whose land this all would be built on and Wendy is aware of the resistance they would meet from Darlene and Jacob. Upon her refusal to play ball, different state agencies began to shut down the individual Byrde businesses, so Wendy’s suspicions immediately went to Wilkes.

The Snells are naturally pissed off over this and give Wendy 24 hours to get affairs in order–or else. Has anyone else noticed this is the Ozark way to do things? Time limits galore. Things didn’t get as hostile as we would have expected because the Snells burnt down one of Wilkes’ boats, and it pretty much smoothed things over for the time being.

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Can we just say that Julia Garner is killing it as Ruth Langmore this season of Ozark? She has given one hell of a performance so far and honestly, is the shining star of this season. Ruth is working hard to build a future for herself, Three, and Wyatt but her good for nothing papa bear seems to always get in the way of that.

In order to help the Byrdes out with their recent predicament, Ruth gets partial ownership of a marina. Although the owner isn’t exactly on board with it initially, Ruth all but destroys parts of the marina to get him on board. Seems like she is learning the Byrde way to handle things, huh?

All this effort goes kapoot because Marty informs Ruth that she needs to take a back seat for a while until the gaming commission approves their bid for the casino. Her felony record wouldn’t look too good on the application, according to him. Ouch.

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This episode gives us a momentous blast from the past with the return of Rachel. You all remember Rachel right? The same Rachel who took off with $300,000 of cartel money from the wall last season. Agent Petty decides to bring her in and use her to entrap Marty for all his criminal activities. So she is slapped on with a wire and sent back into the Byrdes’ life in hopes that Petty will catch them red-handed.

It’s interesting to see Marty afraid of the feds given that Ruth’s uncle was a rat and whoever asked him to be one is still out there. So, why doesn’t he realize that Rachel popping back up is not just a coincidence?