Ozark season 2, episode 7 recap: ‘One Way Out’


Ozark takes a crazy turn as Wendy is kidnapped and Ruth and Cade attempt to steal a boat–or at least a part of it.

After that Ozark waterboarding ordeal, Ruth has been spiraling into the depths of her psyche–and not in a good way. All she really understands is that Wyatt needs to go to college, and she is willing to do anything she can to make sure he stays on the straight and narrow, and far away from Cade. Even if this means she has to be the one to join Cade on his stealing escapades.

The episode opens to the Byrdes speaking with a reporter, well rather Wendy speaking with the reporter while Marty is sitting in silence. It’s not until the episode ends that we truly understand why he is such a distressed state of mind.

The problems begin when Wendy is kidnapped by *not a shocker* Mason who is extremely pissed off that Zeke was taken from him and for that he blames the Byrdes. The scenes between Mason and Wendy are all too frightening because Mason has basically nothing left to lose at this point, and is in full rage mode.

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The only way he will let Wendy go is if, within the next 24 hours, Marty brings Zeke back to him. Impossible? Yes, pretty much but that’s when they bring Wilkes in who has a soft spot for Wendy and her safety. After pulling some strings and getting in with the right people, Marty and Wilkes sit down with the head of the agency and Marty offers to adopt Zeke.

What should have taken many days is all done within hours after Marty pushes and insists with urgency. With Zeke in tow, he heads over to Mason’s house where Wendy is being held–and things take a dark, dark turn. Even though he has Zeke, Mason isn’t happy because the Byrdes did ruin his life after all. Also, Wendy has pretty much come clean about everything they’ve been involved with including covering up Grace’s murder so it’s safe to say, Mason is not happy.

As Mason seems to be on the cusp of losing it again, Wendy stabs him with a screwdriver and Marty shoots him in the neck. Mason bleeds out and dies on the spot leaving another mess for them to clean up and a baby to take care of. Now it makes sense why Marty is so checked out at the beginning of the episode because all these events were leading up to that moment.

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In Ruth’s world, she and Cade are almost caught when trying to steal boat parts. They manage to get away but Cade is furious with the failure of the night. It’s clear Ruth has been in a bad place since being tortured by the cartel and she starts sobbing uncontrollably and apologizing.

And for a brief moment, some humanity sparks within Cade who assures Ruth it will be okay and there will be other boats. Her response? She might know where Marty’s money is after all. Uh oh, this won’t end well.