Atypical season 2, episode 8 recap: ‘Living at an Angle’


Sam finds his calling in life while Casey struggles to keep afloat and keep her scholarship on Atypical.

Atypical paves a path for Sam when he discovers that art is his calling and there is a school that fits his passions perfectly–scientific illustration! I mean, seriously, how perfect is that?! But we’ll get to that school in a second. To prepare for art school applications, Sam created an unbelievable art portfolio and is planning on applying to a school in Rhode Island.

Naturally, all this planning has Sam worried about all the changes that are in his future. And while Sam deals with the reality of what’s to come, Casey is dealing with failing biology. If she doesn’t pass then she may lose her scholarship! Which Casey may not completely be upset about considering Clayton hasn’t been the best place lately.

But in good news, Sam gets an interview at an art school called RISD (Rhode Island School of Design)! It’s quite the exciting time for the Gardner household, at least up until Sam loses the portfolio. Chaos ensues as everyone frantically tries to retrace Sam’s steps to locate the portfolio. They check Techtropolis, Sam’s room, and anywhere they can think of but it winds up being that one of the girls from Sam’s peer group stole it help protect Sam from the woes of college.

This girl happens to be the daughter of the lady that has been spending time with Doug and may even have some feelings for him. This makes for an awkward moment when they show up at the Gardner household with Sam’s portfolio.

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Amidst all this Atypical drama, Doug and Elsa had also gone to see Julia regarding training the first responders about autism. What should have been a brainstorming session turned into a therapy session where both Doug and Elsa started talking about their marriage and Elsa’s affair.

Sam helps Casey realize that she may be trying to fail at Clayton subconsciously because she doesn’t want to be there. But in either case, Sam offers to help Casey study so she can pass her exam.

On the day of Sam’s interview, he ends up getting flustered and runs away. He’s nervous about moving away from home and isn’t sure he can handle it. Luckily, the counselor has the most perfect solution to all of Sam’s problems–a new art school that is close to home and has a scientific illustration program. Yes, that’s right drawing AND science. It is the sweetest moment of the series to see Sam so excited about college.

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The episode ends with Doug and Elsa bonding over coming up names for her hair-cutting business and Doug suggesting they do couples therapy–with a side of shower sex.