The CW Conclave: Best and most heartbreaking family moments

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Arrow: “I am going to do everything in my power forever to make sure that you never end up alone in this world.” (6×02)

While Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) son William (Jack Moore) was introduced back in season four and first mentioned in season two, it was season six that found Ollie finally establishing a substantive relationship with William.

Tragically, that change was prompted by the death of William’s mother Samantha (Anna Hopkins) at the hands of one of Oliver’s most despicable adversaries, Adrian Chase, aka Prometheus (Josh Segarra). Her death wasn’t Oliver’s fault, but William became his responsibility. At first, Oliver tried to fit William into his life, but then he realized that he owed William more than that.

William, still traumatized and numb, wasn’t the one who needed to adjust. Oliver was, so he gave up the hood. Of course, he eventually took the mantle back from Diggle (David Ramsey), but it was refreshing to see Oliver devote himself entirely to William when William needed him the most.

“Stay with me, Daddy.” (6×23)

In a way, Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne) got the ending he deserved, even though his death was devastating. He wasn’t able to save Sara (Caity Lotz) from being killed in Arrow’s third season. Despite his best efforts to protect her, he wasn’t able to save Laurel (Katie Cassidy) from being killed in season four.

In season six, Lance was able to save Earth Two Laurel (Cassidy), who he had come to consider an adoptive daughter, by taking a bullet for her. As for his death itself, it was absolutely brutal that he wasn’t able to say goodbye to anyone, especially Sara.

However, dying as a result of finally being able to save someone you love is a relatively good send-off. Plus, Lance is not alone. He’s with Laurel again.