The CW Conclave: Best and most heartbreaking family moments

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 Riverdale: “The next blood to be spilled will be yours.” (2×18)

It’s no secret that Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) has experienced more trauma than anyone else on Riverdale by a wide margin. While it’s certainly frustrating to see her character be forced to endure so much pain, it is admittedly thrilling to see her come through it all and own her power.

First, she burned down Thornhill. Next, she momentarily cut off her domineering and hateful mother Penelope’s (Nathalie Boltt) oxygen to send a message. Then, in the ultimate Carrie-inspired power move, Cheryl, while drenched in blood, confronted Penelope — who had verbally and emotionally abused Cheryl for years and had most recently sent her to conversion therapy.

Cheryl demanded that Penelope stay away from Nana Rose (Barbara Wallace), move out of Thistlehouse and sign emancipation papers. It was the best scene from Riverdale‘s musical episode, which is a bit ironic given how little singing was involved, and one of Petsch’s best performances in the series as a whole.

FP cradling Jughead (2×21)

Riverdale has had its fair share of over-the-top and sensational moments, but this scene was genuinely gut-wrenching. Even though viewers were holding out hope that Jughead (Cole Sprouse) would survive, it was very clear that FP was fearing the worst. The fact that he wasn’t even able to say anything spoke volumes about how completely broken FP was in that moment.

Jughead was the sole reason FP had finally turned his life around, but suddenly that transformation seemed to be too little, too late. Of course, Jug made his own choice and FP couldn’t have known what that he was going to sacrifice himself. But from FP’s perspective as a parent, that didn’t matter. A parent is supposed to protect their child, no matter what.

Fortunately, Jughead survived. Unfortunately, FP and the Serpents’ retaliatory battle against the Ghoulies decimated the Serpents’ ranks.