The CW Conclave: Best and most heartbreaking family moments

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Supergirl: “Mom.” (3×20)

The Arrowverse sure loves bringing people back from the dead, huh? Of course, Alura (Erica Durance) was, in fact, never really gone. But to Kara, she was, which is why their reunion was so emotional. As much as Alex (Chyler Leigh) and Eliza (Helen Slater) love Kara, they obviously could never completely fill the void left by Alura.

The fact that Alura thought she had lost Kara as well, which is why she never went looking for her, made their reunion even more poignant. Alura was overjoyed to see Kara, but she must have also felt incredibly guilty for missing out on more than twelve years of her daughter’s life.

As the finale made clear, Kara’s place is in National City and Alura’s is in Argo City, but hopefully the two will meet again — and fight side by side again! — in season four.

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 “Be happy, my son”. (3×23)

Supergirl‘s other family reunion in season three was equal parts heartwarming and devastating. Similarly to Kara and Alura, J’onn (David Harewood) and M’yrnn (Carl Lumbly) had long assumed they had lost one another.

They were finally reunited several centuries (yes, centuries) later; even then, quite understandably, it took M’yrnn a while to believe that he was really seeing his son and not one of his shape-shifting White Martian captors.

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Soon after J’onn took M’yrnn home to Earth tragedy struck again when J’onn realized that M’yrnn was in the late stages of dementia. M’yrnn began transferring his memories to J’onn as was a traditional practice for Green Martians, and on a positive note, the process brought the two closer than ever before.

Sadly, even that experience was cut short, when M’yrnn realized he was the only one who would be able to save Earth from destruction and gave his life to save his son’s home.

However, while J’onn’s reunion with his father was far shorter than he had hoped it would be, M’yrnn had a far greater impact on J’onn’s life than J’onn had initially expected. Having grown used to just surviving and looking our for others, J’onn was finally able to discover his passion for life outside of the DEO because of M’yrnn’s guidance.