The Innocents season 1, episode 6 recap: ‘Not the Only Freak in Town’


After a strange interaction with another shapeshifter which ended with the shifter transforming into Harry, June and Harry argue and split up on The Innocents.

As episode 6, “Not the Only Freak in Town,” of The Innocents begins, June is awaiting Halvorson’s arrival in London, while Harry returns to his hometown.

While she’s waiting, June returns to the shapeshifter Kam’s place to get her forgotten phone. She finds Kam arguing with her boyfriend, Andrew. He’s angry that Kam shifted into Harry too. When Kam suggests he go, though he backs off.

Andrew doesn’t want to be without Kam, but he confesses, he’s forgetting who he is. Kam counters that she knows who he is. She knows him better than anyone since she’s seen him from the inside.

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Then Kam twists the knife on The Innocents: Andrew’s boring and predictable. She wants him to leave. An embittered Andrew takes off.

Kam offers June new clothes but June refuses. She just wants her phone, but Kam evades the request. They exchange terse words and June indicates that Harry left. Kam tells her that shifters always have to push others away in the end. However, June is still confident she can find a way to be with Harry and her mother no matter what Kam says.

Kam threatens June, but June stands her ground. Finally, Kam offers June the phone and suggests maybe June could stay and they could figure things out together. June no longer trusts Kam, though, so she grabs her phone and goes.

Meanwhile, Harry’s happy to be home on The Innocents. He missed his impaired father and his mother is thrilled to have him back.

Harry notices his mother is working on the case of the five people who went into comas in one night, the Pennines Five. They never found who was responsible but after what she uncovered in the previous episode, Christine knows Elena had something to do with it. Even though she’s been suspended from her job, she’s continuing her re-opened investigation.

She’s also including June in the inquiry. When Harry questions Christine about it, Christine tells him she knows about the nurse in London who ended up in a coma. Christine suspects June is responsible and wants Harry to tell her what happened.

Christine shows him the videos of his dad walking with Elena’s reflection and Harry fleeing the hospital in London with the nurse that shows Elena’s face reflected in a mirror. Harry is shocked. He runs out of the house and shouts for his mother to stay out of it.

Harry goes to see John at his farm. He’s having a meltdown. John’s not there. but Ryan is. Ryan gleans Harry’s left June and gets angry, but Harry’s defiant.

Finally, Harry backs off. Deflated, he asks Ryan if June knew her mother hurt his father. Ryan tells him she didn’t.

Later, Ryan and Harry talk. Harry doesn’t understand why Elena would target his dad. He wants answers from John, but Ryan tells Harry that John’s not doing well either.

In Norway, Elena is trying to make a dress for June for when she arrives at Sanctum. Runa notices and gets angry. Elena had no right to the dress she chose.

Runa goes to find a stashed bottle of alcohol and takes a drink as Sigrid looks on. Sigrid suggests that instead of drinking maybe Runa should share what she’s feeling.

Meanwhile, Steinar waits for Halvorson in the London airport. He’s drinking and looks terrible. Halvorson finds him and takes him for coffee.

Halvorson says nothing but Steinar feels guilty about not successfully bringing in June. To make up for it, Steinar has decided to give Halvorson and Sanctum his family’s home forever, no payment required.

Halvorson appreciates his offer, but won’t accept. Instead, he hands him a check for the house and tells Steinar he’s not allowed to come back to Sanctum — ever.

Steinar can’t believe it, Sanctum is his home. But Halvorson believes Steinar’s proven to be unsafe and he can no longer have him around the women there.

Halvorson tells a bereft Steinar it’s time to move on and leaves him.

Meanwhile, Ryan takes Harry to a pub where he believes they may find John. Harry’s friends are there and are excited to welcome him home. Ryan gets nervous and hangs back as Harry and his friends catch up.

To his great surprise, though, the bartender talks Ryan up.

Unfortunately, the jovial mood is ruined when John comes in. Harry yells at John about Elena hurting his father. He claims John let Elena do it. Both Ryan and John encourage him to take the discussion outside, but Harry refuses. He just continues to insult John. However, when Harry tries to take a swing at John, his friends restrain him and drag him outside.

At Sanctum, the women are having a fantastic time together. They’ve lit a fire and are drinking together. Sigrid tells them about a girl she liked back home. She plans to tell the girl about her feelings now, no matter what the girl says back.

Elena confesses she never loved John. She chose him because he was safe for her children, but she fears the questions that June may have because of that choice.

Finally, Runa reveals she’s ill. She has early dementia, it runs in her family. But she doesn’t want to spend her time crying. She just wants to be herself as long as she can.

Sigrid suggests they go for a swim. They strip and run into the water.

In London, June meets Halvorson. Halvorson is happy to see her, but June wants answers. Halvorson explains that the shapeshifting appears to be the result of a specific gene mutation of Scandinavian origin that passes down through the female line. It typically skips a generation so it’s unusual to have both a mother and daughter, like her and Elena, be shapeshifters.

June wants to know if there’s a cure. Halvorson says they’re making good progress towards one but they’re not there yet. He tells her about everyone at Sanctum and that she just needs to trust him. June agrees.

Elsewhere in London, Steinar is losing his grip. He mutters to himself and addresses an absent Halvorson. He believes Halvorson should trust him the way he trusted Halvorson. Then he sees a woman shift. It’s Kam. She’s been following June in someone else’s body.

Now looking like Kam again, she watches June meet with Halvorson from afar. Steinar approaches her. He appears to know her. He asks her where she’s been all this time. When Kam sees him, she runs away. Steinar takes off after her.

In Norway, Sigrid is still having a great time as Runa and Elena watch her from the house. Elena apologizes to Runa for being so focused on her own circumstances that she didn’t notice what was happening to Runa.

However, Runa confides that she’s a little jealous that Halvorson has been so focused on Elena and June. On this episode of The Innocents, she reveals that she’s a mother too. But she lost her daughter and she doesn’t want her forgotten. Her name was Freya.

The next morning, Harry, who’s back at his house, and his mother have a heart to heart. Christine wants to know why Harry thought she wouldn’t miss him. Harry tells her after his father became impaired he felt like he lost them both because Christine was never around. Christine explains she couldn’t accept what happened to Harry’s father.

She asks Harry to promise he’ll never go near June again. He agrees.

When Christine goes to wake up Harry’s father, Harry gets a call. It’s Kam. She tells him that June is with Halvorson. She tells Harry that Halvorson is dangerous. Harry needs to talk June out of going with him. She knows Halvorson and the place he’ll take June is not what it seems. She also reveals that it was she and not June that shifted into him in the previous episode.

Harry packs to take off to get June. He tries to call her to warn her against Halvorson but she doesn’t pick up.

At the airport in London, June calls the hospital to check on the nurse she transformed into. She’s told that the nurse and her baby are okay.

Then Halvorson approaches her and tells her phones aren’t allowed at Sanctum. She hands hers over to him willingly.

Elsewhere, Kam has a flashback. She and her mother — none other than Runa — are walking to Sanctum. Runa tells her they’ll be safe there.

A crying Kam returns to the present as she hears the elevator to her apartment ding on The Innocents. She runs to find a weapon. Steinar calls for her, using the name Freya.

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Harry leaves a note for his mother and leaves. He stops at John and Ryan’s place to tell them what’s going on.

The episode ends with June on the plane to Norway with Halvorson. Is she in danger? What’s Kam so scared of at Sanctum? Only two more episodes of the season to go, so we should get more answers soon!

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