Forever season 1, episode 1 premiere recap: ‘Together Forever’


Forever just might be one of the best television shows to premiere this fall–and we’ll tell you why.

Forever is yet another Amazon Original that is unique, intriguing, and addicting to watch, and we can determine that just from the very first episode of the premiere season. Starring Maya Rudolph (playing June) and Fred Armisen (playing Oscar), the show follows a married couple that is rather set in their daily and annual routines and traditions. However, June craves for more adventure and more spontaneity while Oscar seems to be happy with what they have.

The episode begins in the most special of ways with a montage of different scenes from their lives that depict their first meeting when they started dating, got engaged, and then gave a glimpse into their married lives. Essentially, this montage told us what the heart of the series seems to represent–a routine structure to our daily lives.

There is nothing wrong with that, of course, but the series premiere points out that sometimes people want more from life and often times we get settled in our every day and don’t realize how much more there is to do. It seems like this is something June realizes but hasn’t actually done anything about.

That is until she suggests they change their annual lakehouse trip into a skiing trip. While Oscar initially resists, she convinces him that they should change it up and he reluctantly agrees. June’s reaction to stepping out into the cold is rather hilarious but she soon realized this is exactly what she was going for.

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The skiing trip wasn’t exactly off to a great start considering all the classes were filled up for lessons except the one for kids. Having no other choice, June and Oscar join the kids’ classes but it turns out to be a disaster when the kids make fun of them and eventually, June ends pushing one of them down the slope.

Rudolph and Armisen’s chemistry is palpable in all their scenes, and it’s no surprise that they gel so well together considering their time on SNL together. But still, their acting together and individually is fire and it makes the series more exciting and fun to watch.

Oscar and June get into a bit of an argument which results in Oscar hitting the slopes while June hung out at the bar with a random guy. But then something frightening happens, and we’re not entirely sure what this will result in going into episode 2.

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The scene cuts back and forth to Oscar skiing and having a really hard time as he zigzags around trees and people. He manages to avoid smacking right into one tree only to realize he is headed straight for another. And the scene cuts out as the title image pops up and the episode ends.

Did Oscar survive that hit? Will he be okay? Continue reading our Forever recaps to find out!