Ghoul season 1, episode 3 recap: ‘Reveal Their Guilt, Eat Their Flesh’


Ghoul, the Netflix miniseries, ends with some food for thought, and that food appears to be a mixture of guilt and human flesh. Hey, it’s a ghoul thing!

Episode 2 of Ghoul ended with Faulad Singh called upon to “break” Ali Saeed (Mahesh Balraj), a terrorist mastermind (at least according to the state). Singh is considered a brutal guy who prefers working alone. Still, will he be a match for Saeed, who has already come back from the dead?

Meanwhile, new interrogator Nida Rahim (Radhika Apte) is trying to learn more aboyt Saeed, or whatever he (or “it”) is. She suspects he is not human, given his knowledge of things no one should know. Plus, he did just come back from death, which not everyone does.

Nida speaks with a learned inmate named Maulvi (Robin Das), who tells her about Ghoul, a creature from Arab mythology. In order to summon a Ghoul, he says, a seeker must make a sign in their blood, then surrender their soul. Maulvi also says a Ghoul shows the reflection of our guilt, using it against us. Then, as an added bonus, the Ghoul may eat our flesh and assumes our identities. On that note, Colonel Sunil Dacunha (Manav Kaul) is told that Ali Saeed’s body was found partially devoured, so he cannot be the person in their detention center. In other words, there’s a Ghoul in the house!

Too Ghoul for School

The Ghoul undoes discipline in the state’s torture center. Taking the new form of
Faulad Singh, he (or it) unleashes all prisoners. Nida successfully escapes him but gets in trouble with her co-workers, who think she freed everyone. Specifically, Lieutenant Laxmi Das (Ratnabali Bhattacharjee) blames Nida, calling her the daughter of a terrorist. She is locked in a room where other accused terrorists are hiding.

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At first, Nida suspects Ahmed (Muzaffar Khan) of being the Ghoul/terrorist, but the others maintain his innocence. They say Chaudhari (Ajit Shidhaye) and Gupta (Harry Parmar) murdered Ahmed’s wife and child, presumably to force a confession. However, all it did was render him speechless.

Nida also learns that her father was killed in the facility she works for. Nida also comes to think the Ghoul is in the room. Before long, the demon gets tired of hiding — it’s now Maulvi! Despite his eye patch, his one good eye sees very well, envisioning everyone as a possible meal. In fact, he takes a little bite out of Nida when she locates an escape hatch, and she barely escapes his additional wrath.

However, Nida falls into the clutches of Major Das, who begins torturing her. However, Colonel Dacunha takes care of Das with a bullet, convinced that the ghoul is a much bigger issue. However, Nida learns that her father had summoned the Ghoul. How is this known? Right before getting caught, Ali Saeed had whispered Nida’s name in an officer’s ear (which we saw in episode one). While the Ghoul attacks a bunch of new officers, Nida, and the Colonel eventually flee the bloodbath. However, Nida shoots him when they get outside, finding him guilty of crimes rivaling the flesh eater they’re escaping.

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Nida is arrested and charged with murdering the Colonel, and they will not listen to anything she says about the facility’s crimes. So, as if carrying on her father’s tradition, Nida is shown in her cell apparently ready to cut herself, surrender her soul and summon the creature for a new round of guilt revelations targeting the government. At the end (and in the beginning), Nida was only doing what was right. However, as the saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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