The Good Cop season 1, episode 2 recap: ‘What Is the Supermodel’s Secret?’


Tony finds love as TJ and Cora investigate a murder committed by a killer wearing a bunny mask in this episode of The Good Cop.

A man walks down the street as he avoids touts and street hawkers. He insults a guy in a plush bunny mask, who later shows up at his hotel room and kills him with a silenced gun to start this episode of The Good Cop.

Meanwhile, Tony, TJ, and Cora play poker with friends at the bar and recognize a famous model named Belinda Mannix. Tony tries to pick her up, even putting his number in her phone, but is ultimately brushed off.

The next morning, Tony awakes hungover after a hazy night to answer the doorbell. Its Belinda Mannix, who apologizes for being so rude and has decided she wants to get to know him after all.

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Confused but pleased, Tony invites her in for breakfast. TJ is also confused and highly suspicious of Belinda’s motives. Once Tony’s lost phone is brought up, it’s pretty obvious that what she’s really interested in something on his phone.

Tony doesn’t remember anything from the previous night, including where his phone is. She suggests a scavenger hunt to track it down.

TJ gets called to the scene of the murder but is distracted by his father’s new relationship with Belinda. The murdered man is Al Monte, a sleazy businessman who organized illicit bachelor parties.

He was killed with a silencer and his laptop is missing. The only clue is the word “candy” on a notepad and a rare hollow point shell casing. Surveillance from the hotel reveals the killer wearing the bunny mask.

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On their quest to track down the missing phone, Tony schemes to show Belinda off to his friends at the barber shop – including a guy named Curious Hal who neither knows why they call him that and never thought to ask.

Its a brilliant piece of pointless comedy that adds nothing to the plot but delivers delightfully.

The same goes for Tony’s musical interlude with his lost-and-found ukulele. It’s not there for anything but for the fact that its Tony Danza. Its hard to see how Belinda couldn’t be charmed by his serenade unless she happened to be a cold-blooded killer – which it turns out she is.

She hired a hitman to take out Al Monte, who was blackmailing her with video from her previous work as one of his bachelor party strippers. She accidentally butt-dialed Tony the night before, leaving him a voicemail of the entire conversation between her and the hitman.

Belinda meets with the hitman and kills him herself to tie up the loose ends, then she has Tony bring her to the crime scene in order to contaminate it so that her previous fingerprints will be eliminated. They find a bunny head and a hollow point shell casing, linking him directly to Al Monte’s murder.

TJ and Cora find a number of video at Al Monte’s house, on which they find that a woman named Candy is actually Belinda Mannix, which links her directly to the murders.

Meanwhile, Tony finds his missing phone and his voicemail. He knows she’s a murderer and that she doesn’t actually like him, but he wants to sleep with her anyway and stalls for time.

To his credit, Tony’s sleazier instincts don’t prevail and instead of sleeping with her he ends up in a fight with her over the phone. TJ arrives just in time to save the phone from being destroyed. Tony understandably feels humiliated, but TJ tells him that he is way out of Belinda’s league.

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Just as a side note, I love how Cora purposefully subverts TJ’s expectations. When Al Monte’s business partner offers Cora a part-time job working for the bachelor parties, TJ speaks for her, saying she’s not interested.

While it’s wonderful that he respects her and thinks she’s too good to work for those parties, he shouldn’t be speaking for her. There’s nothing that would make her less of a person, woman, or professional for being interested in the job and she takes the opportunity to show TJ that she’s going to speak for herself.

Whether she’s really interested in the job or not (which does pay exceptionally well), she will be the one to make that decision.

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