Walking Dead producer Scott Gimple teases future of Rick/Michonne relationship


The Walking Dead’s ninth season premiere is now just over a week and a half away.

Former Walking Dead showrunner and current chief content officer Scott Gimple recently gave fans an idea of how things will go for Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) moving forward (and of course leading up to Rick’s exit).

According to Gimple in an interview with TVLine, after the war with the Saviors came to an end and Rick and Michonne were able to experience 18 months worth of relative peace, their relationship became even deeper than before.

"“[Their connection] is deeper now, they went through a remarkably intense thing together. She was there for him in so many different ways, and the things she ultimately led him to do were so important.”"

This bit of news is far from surprising.  While what Gimple is saying makes enough sense, the fact is this kind of thing is par for the course with The Walking Dead.

When a character’s death is on the horizon, it’s far from unusual for the Walking Dead writer’s to play up a relationship they have with another character shortly before their demise.

This allows them one last bit of character development and/or a chance to milk some emotion out of the audience.  Rick and Carl, Andrea and Amy, Sasha and Bob, Beth and Zach, Tyrese and Karen — the list goes on.

So, really it’s not shocking the writer’s decided to do the same with the show’s biggest character even if this time it’ll be done over a longer period of time.

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Season 9 of The Walking Dead will premiere on AMC Oct. 7.

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