The 25 best Netflix series ever made, ranked worst to first

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13. Jessica Jones

While Daredevil really helped launch the Marvel Netflix original series to huge success, it was Jessica Jones that sits on top of the mountain as the best show of the entire run.

While Marvel had never attempted a female-centric movie to that point (and still won’t until Captain Marvel) finally hits next year, it did bring some to life on TV.

While Marvel’s Agent Carter was a critical success with its first season, it wasn’t until Jessica Jones that Marvel saw a female-led series reach both critical and commercial success.

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Based on the comic book Alias, the Netflix original series Jessica Jones tells the story of a private investigator who a level of superhuman powers who deals with some very strong personal problems (anger management and a love of alcohol) while also trying to help those around her.

The villain from the first season — The Purple Man — might be the scariest bad guy in all Marvel entertainment, movies or TV, and brought out a story that was brutally difficult for the hero, and she proved to be the strongest of them all when she made it through victorious.

The second season, which dealt with some family problems, was not as critically beloved as the first but as a character, Jessica Jones is still possibly the best in the Marvel Netflix line.

The third season of Jessica Jones is coming in 2019 and Marvel looks to continue its success on Netflix.