The 25 best Netflix series ever made, ranked worst to first

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Ozark / Credit: Netflix

12. Ozark

When someone thinks of a crime drama, possibly the last name that comes to mind as the leading star is Jason Bateman. However, that is exactly what the star of Arrested Development has found himself starring in on Netflix.

Ozark is a Netflix original series that follows Bateman’s financial planner Marty and his PR manager wife Wendy (Laura Linney). The family moves to the Ozarks and Marty gets involved in a money laundering scheme that goes very bad.

After this, Marty finds a Mexican drug cartel convincing him to set up an even bigger money laundering scheme in the Ozarks to make amends for the first one falling through. When local criminals in the Ozarks get involved, Marty finds that he and everyone he loves are in great danger.

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The first season premiered in 2017 and proved to be a surprise success. Bateman picked up Golden Globes, Emmy and SGA nominations for his role in the series and it ended up as a critical success and was picked up for a second season.

That second season saw the stakes raised as the dead bodies started to pile up around Marty and Wendy. That season ended with a sign that the danger is nowhere near close to ending and it is almost assured that Netflix will greenlight a third season.

Ozark has been positively compared to HBO’s The Sopranos and the strong female cast has been a huge reason for its success.