The 25 best Netflix series ever made, ranked worst to first

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13 Reasons Why / Image Credit: Netflix

24. 13 Reasons Why

Easily the most controversial Netflix original series on this list is the adaptation of 13 Reasons Why — a show that was accused of triggering kids who might be contemplating suicide.

The Netflix original tells the story of Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford), a girl who took her own life and left behind 13 tapes to explain why she did it — blaming everyone that she perceived to be responsible for her actions.

The hero of the series is Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette), a friend from her high school who actually liked her and becomes obsessed with learning why she chose to end her life. it is Clay who helps bring these tapes to the forefront.

While many people accused 13 Reasons Why of “glamorizing” suicide, there is nothing glamorous at all about the moment in the series that Hannah takes her own life, a disturbing and horrific moment.

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The show, despite its detractors, was a huge success and Netflix gave it a second season that followed up on the hints that Tyler (Devin Druid) might be planning a high school shooting due to an excess of bullying.

Once again, it was controversial as protestors complained that high school shootings should not play out on a scripted series. However, 13 Reasons Why chose to play out the angle, believing it is better to attack this controversial situation than to just sweep these horrible occurrences under the rug and pretend that they never happen.

Netflix has greenlit a third season of 13 Reasons Why, as the second season ended on a cliffhanger.