The 25 best Netflix series ever made, ranked worst to first

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Everything Sucks / Image Credit: Netflix

22. Everything Sucks

Just like Stranger Things had Easter eggs by the dozen for children of the ’80s, Everything Sucks was made as a love letter to children of the ’90s.

This Netflix original series is a comedy-drama that follows the students at Boring High School in Oregon in 1996. The main characters are the misfits in the drama club and the A/V club.

The entire series is about the kids coming of age and figuring out who they are and what their purpose in life is. This includes themes of sexuality, identity, family relationships and more.

Everything Sucks did not gain overwhelming positive reviews, with some critics pointing out overuse of specific tropes and unrealistic situations, but at the end of the day, it is a heartwarming, funny and nostalgic look at life in the ’90s for those in high school at the time.

The music is a perfect fit for anyone who grew up in the ’90s and while a lot of the cast ended up as underwritten, the performances by Jahi Winston (Luke) and Peyton Kennedy (Kate) was universally praised.

The Netflix series also received praise for its portrayal of a coming out story and the struggles of teens when faced with these life-changing situations.

While Everything Sucks looks like a ’90s version of the popular network sitcom the Goldbergs, there is a lot more under the surface here when it comes to drama and life-altering storylines that are both honest and respectful.