The 25 best Netflix series ever made, ranked worst to first

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Big Mouth / Image Credit: Netflix

18. Big Mouth

One thing that Netflix has mastered is their original animated series. They have great stuff for the kids (Trollhunters by Guillermo del Toro is a great example) and adults (Bojack Horsemen) as perfect examples.

One of the most recent series that walked that line more on the side of adult and older young-adult animation is Big Mouth. Created by Nick Kroll (The League) and Andrew Goldberg (Family Guy), this Netflix animated original is about their tweenage years.

The first season aired in 2017 and focused on two seventh grade friends named Nick and Andrew who are trying to get through puberty. The show is adult oriented, with a lot of talk about sex — including shoulder angels who are based on hormone monsters.

This series is also very quirky with a lot of absurdist humor, including the boys communicating with Duke Ellington’s ghost and a Statue of Liberty that has a French accent.

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This show is in no way geared towards children, but older teenagers might find humor in the absurdist sexual situations that remind them of the problems that they are currently dealing with in their own lives.

The critical reviews have been exemplary across the board. While the humor is “scatological,” its humor really has brains and is empathetic to adolescent insecurities.

This is one Netflix original animated series that might have slipped by some people due to the simple-looking animation but it deserves an audience.

The good news is that the second season of Big Mouth is coming to Netflix on Oct. 5.