Courteney Cox, Katey Sagal joins Shameless


Showtime announced that Katey Sagal and Courteney Cox also joining “Shameless” for its upcoming ninth season.

With the midway point of a somber season 9 approaching, perhaps these two actresses can put some wind in the sails of Frank and Lip.

Katey Sagal is set to be featured as a psychiatric patient Frank (William H. Macy) stumbles upon in an emergency room.

Meanwhile, Courtney Cox is set to guest star as an actress of all trades. Cox’s character, named Jen Wagner, is a famous actress battling with alcoholism. Lip (Jeremy Allen White) is hired to be a sober companion on her visit.

However, Chicago triggers her wild side, and she takes him on a ride in search of a cocktail.

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Lip is barely managing to hold on to his sanity, much less sobriety. He throws money at every situation because that was usually the requirement to get the household out of a bind.

Dealing with bipolar mom’s and brothers has been a lifelong struggle for Lip. He makes a great candidate to show a fellow 12 stepper the town, on the surface. Below the surface, Lip has been seething and searching for a way out for seasons now.

Frank may not need a new love interest.

After the PTA debacle, Frank needs love more than a fling. Shelia had her ways, but she kept him clean and clothed. Cox and Macy should make for a great couple for lighthearted mischief. It is doubtful Frank takes another lovely lady on a crack filled beach adventure, cancer or not.

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The ninth season of Shameless will be 14 episodes instead of 12 but will be split around the holidays.  There are only a couple episodes left until the midseason finale on Sunday, Oct. 21. The second set of episodes will air beginning on Sunday, Jan. 20, 2019 at 9 p.m. EST.

With several guest stars already having made their cameo, Cox, Sagal, and even Bob Saget are still to grace the South Side.