The Righteous Gemstones: John Goodman comedy ordered to series by HBO


John Goodman has been cast in upcoming HBO series The Righteous Gemstones.

John Goodman is set to star in a comedy on HBO with Danny R. McBride. The series is called The Righteous Gemstones and features John Goodman in the lead role of Eli Gemstone, an incredibly famous televangelist and patriarch of the Gemstone family.

The Righteous Gemstones was picked up for a series order by HBO.

McBride plays Goodman’s son oldest Jesse Gemstone, who is stuck in the shadow of his famous father and wants to bring the family’s work to a more modern audience.

The series was described as showing a family who used “deviance, greed and charitable work all int he name of Jesus.

In addition, McBride is also writing, directing, and executive producing the show with David Gordon Green through his Rough House production company. This is his third project for HBO following Eastbound and Down and Vice Principals.

The two are also the creative minds behind the upcoming Halloween film starring Jamie Lee Curtis set to be released later this month.

Also part of the Gemstone family is actor Adam DeVine, who plays Eli’s youngest son Kelvin Gemstone.

It’s hard to imagine that John Goodman will not excel in this part, as he has delivered phenomenal performances in both movies and TV roles. Apart from his well-known role as Dan Connor on Roseanne, Goodman has given a great performance in virtually every role he has been cast in.

Without question, his iconic performance as Walter Sobchack inThe Big Lebowski made the film a cult classic. He has also given terrific performances in the Oscar-winning film Argo and his role opposite Billy Crystal in Monsters Inc. made the animated film a smashing success.

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He has also held his own opposite Glenn Close in Damages and his role as Fred Flintstone in The Flinstones was rightfully considered a high point in the critically panned film.

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