The Walking Dead releases new Opening Credits for Season 9


The Walking Dead returns this Sunday, but to hype up the fans, AMC released a brand new opening sequence for Season 9.

It’s been teased that we’re in for many changes, including time-jumps, in the upcoming ninth season of AMC’s The Walking Dead. The opening sequence is the first big change to be revealed onscreen and it’s very different from what viewers may be used to. Don’t worry, the classic Walking Dead theme song hasn’t changed.

Executive producer and new showrunner, Angela Kang, is very excited about the new opening sequence, as she commented:

"“The opening credit sequence is indicative of the new look and feel to the world this season and we wanted to give a nod to the show’s graphic novel origins.”"

It’s much different than what we’ve seen before, adding a fresh new feel to the show.

Instead of shots of the surrounding landscape of Virginia (including the woods and the fields), and close-ups of grotesque and mangled walker faces, the opening credits now features animated paintings that brings almost a gothic feel to it (there is not a lack of ravens).

Kang confirmed that the animations are inspired by Robert Kirkman’s graphic novels as the images jump to life like they were coming from the comic books in which spawned the series.

While fans might have mixed feelings on the new opening credits, I think it’s a very cool change. It gives it more of a haunting presence than there was before, making it my favorite opening sequence since Season 1.

Kang also told the Hollywood Reporter that there are some fun, hidden elements that might be picked up on.

"“We had fun burying the iconic objects from the show into the titles. Some of them, we made very obvious. Others? They’re more like Easter eggs for people to go around looking for. That’s part of what’s fun for me when I watch this type of show: looking for the hidden clues in things. We felt it was a nice microcosm of what some of the fun of the show is for people. There’s what’s there on the surface, and then there’s what you’ll find if you dig around in the dark corners.”"

Plenty of familiar images from the show are still present including Daryl’s crossbow and motorcycle, Michonne’s katanas, Rick’s Colt, Lucille, etc. The mysterious helicopter also makes an appearance, flying over and disappearing like it’s done on the show a few times before.

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The beginning starts off with a spooky tree which then blooms, possibly signifying the changes coming. Bring on the new season, I’m officially excited.

The ninth season of The Walking Dead returns on AMC this Sunday, Oct 7, at 9 p.m.ET.